This spring finds our ladies at a hotel for a bit of rest and relaxation. Things start to go awry when the staff and guests are stuck between a rock and a hard place when they can’t leave the hotel, and tempers flare and hilarity ensues! How will they solve their dilemma? They’ll leave no stone unturned! Nothing will be taken “for granite” after this!

2014 Show Times

Thurs. May 1    6:30pm

Fri. May 2         6:30pm

Sat.  May 3       6:30pm

Sun. May 4       6:30pm

Thurs. May 8   6:30pm

Fri. May 9        6:30pm

Sat. May 10      6:30pm

Dinner Tickets $40

*doors open one hour before show time.

*Special Dessert Matinee*

Sun. May 4        1:30pm

Matinee Tickets $20

FOR TICKETS CALL 467-8619 OR EMAIL quarrychoristers@gmail.ca


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